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During your next deposition, count on us
to be resourceful, responsive, and very
eager to please.

Rusty    [ Sort of like Rusty here. ]

When you walk in to take charge of your deposition, you have a lot of things on your mind. You don’t want to worry about the details of the deposition itself. That’s why you hire us, along with our downtown suite of offices, deep technical resources, and highly skilled reporters. We anticipate what you’ll need before you need it – everything from videoconferencing, to CART reporting, to videotaped depositions, to solid gold NNRC* credentials. Even today’s paper and a cup of hot, strong Seattle coffee. Let us fetch that for you! (Rusty keeps forgetting the cream.)
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For Attorneys:
From the minute you walk into Seattle Deposition Reporters’ office at One Union Square in Seattle, you’re at the center of a network of professionals focused on making your deposition run smoothly.
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For Reporters:
If you’re a highly skilled reporter looking to join a team that truly is the very best in helping you provide top deposition resources to clients, let’s talk!

* the National Network of Reporting Companies, an industry network that only the best and most professional firms are invited to join. NNRC